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5 911s in Custom Paint Colours

How is Custom-Paint Changing?


Have you ever looked at your Porsche and wondered, what would it look like in pink? It turns out you are not alone. Over the past few years, Porsche have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of custom-painted cars being ordered. And it’s no surprise! Who wouldn’t want to explore the unique customisation capability of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur?

To cope with the increased demand for these custom-paints, the Porsche production plant in Zuffenhausen has had a brand-new colour-mixing bench installed, that will allow their paint specialists to develop even more specific shades upon your request. This in turn means shorter lead times, and a wider range of paints could soon become possible.

Depending on the model and its specific production location, the diversity of custom-paints varies. 911 and 718 models boast the most creative range of additional paints, with more than 100 options to choose from. More than 50 options can be selected for Panamera, Macan and Cayenne, while 65 custom colours help set the Taycan apart in the competitive world of battery electric vehicles.

Along with this welcome expansion to the Porsche colour spectrum, the face of Custom Colour is also changing. Whilst already used by most paint specialists and customers, ‘Custom Colour’ has now officially been renamed ‘Paint to Sample’. Paint to Sample will focus on predefined colours. These are technically approved paints that you may already recognise from Porsche’s history. To aid in the expansion of Paint to Sample (PTS), the Porsche Car Configurator will feature PTS integration from early 2022. Thanks to PTS, current Porsche models can be painted in the eye-catching colours of their iconic predecessors. This means that colours such as Rubystar, Irish Green and Maritime Blue, all incredibly popular 1990s cult colours, may return to your modern garage.

For more information on the Exclusive Manufaktur and Paint to Sample (PTS) programmes, please contact our team on 01173 216 785 and find out how the limitless world of Porsche individualisation could become part of your journey.