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Porsche Taycan Quiz


It’s time to test your Taycan knowledge! If you have completed every car quiz you can find online, why not try our electrifying Porsche Taycan quiz? Get your fellow Porsche Club Members together virtually to see who will be crowned the King or Queen of electric knowledge. The answers are at the bottom of the page, but no cheating if you are testing yourself!

1.    Where is the Taycan being produced?
a)    Berlin
b)    Zuffenhausen
c)    Leipzig

2.    Which music streaming feature has native integration in the Taycan PCM?
a)    Spotify
b)    Apple Music
c)    Amazon Music

3.    How do you pronounce Taycan?
a)    Tay-con 
b)    Tie-con 
c)    Tou-can

4.    How quickly has the Taycan complete a lap of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife?
a)    Twenty minutes and 15 seconds
b)    One minute and 6 seconds
c)    Seven minutes and 42 seconds

5.    Which of these colours was introduced for the first time with the Taycan?
a)    Gentian Blue
b)    Frozen Blue
c)    Sapphire Blue

6.    Which aerodynamic aids does the Taycan benefit from?
a)    Narrow headlights
b)    Power steering
c)    Flow through air curtains

7.    Which Taycan model is two-wheel drive?
a)    Taycan
b)    Taycan 4s
c)    Taycan Turbo

8.    The new intelligent Voice Pilot can be easily activated using which phrase?
a)    “Hey Porsche”
b)    “Hey Taycan”
c)    It can be programmed to the individual

9.    What factors affect the maximum achievable charging rate at DC stations?
a)    Battery temperature
b)    State of charge
c)    Both of the above

10.    The ECONYL carpets in the Taycan are made with which recycled material?
a)    Fishing nets
b)    Plastic bottles
c)    Used tyres

11.    What motor technology does the Taycan use?
a)    AC induction asynchronous
b)    AC permanent magnet synchronous
c)    DC permanent magnet synchronous

12.    Which of these was not one of the seven new colours released for the Tacyan?
a)    Neptune Blue 
b)    Coffee Beige Metallic 
c)    Gooseberry Red Metallic

13.    How many additional modules does the Performance Battery Plus have vs. the Performance Battery?
a)    2
b)    5
c)    8

14.    How much of average every-day braking energy can be recovered using Porsche Recuperation Management?
a)    Up to 50%
b)    Up to 70%
c)    Up to 90%

15.    Approximately how much charging of electric vehicles is likely to take place at home?
a)    80%
b)    60%
c)    40%

16.    What is the maximum charge rate achievable at a home using the Andersen A2 home charging unit on single-phase power?
a)    3.6KW
b)    7KW
c)    11KW

17.    What are some of the benefits of the Porsche Charging planner?
a)    It reduces charging time by preconditioning the battery
b)    It reduces overall journey time by planning the most efficient charging stops
c)    Both of the above

18.    Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE launched the Taycan with a lightshow on which building?
a)    Burj Khalifa
b)    Burj Al Arab
c)    Al Hamra Tower

19.    The E-Control functionality within the Porsche Connect App allows customers to do what?
a)    Book a car parking space
b)    Check current charging status
c)    Check traffic on route

20.    What did the Taycan set a World Record for this year?
a)    Most people in an electric car
b)    Drifting
c)    Rallying

1.    b) Zuffenhausen
2.    b) Apple Music
3.    b) Tie-con
4.    c) Seven minutes and 42 seconds
5.    b) Frozen Blue
6.    c) Flow through air curtains
7.    a) Taycan 
8.    a) “Hey Porsche”
9.    c) Both
10.    a) Fishing nets
11.    b) AC permanent magnet synchronous
12.    c) Gooseberry Red Metallic
13.    b) 5
14.    c) up to 90%
15.    a) 80%
16.    b) 7KW
17.    c) Both
18.    a) Burj Khalifa
19.    b) Check current charging status
20.    b) Drifting

Thank you for taking part in our Taycan Quiz. For more information about the Porsche Taycan, please get in touch with our sales team by emailing info@porschebristol.co.uk .