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If you have been looking for a way to interact with your local Porsche Club, fellow car enthusiasts, friends and family virtually, why not hold a Porsche quiz night? We have made it easy for you to hosts a virtual quiz by coming up with the best Porsche quiz questions and answers. So all you need to do is pick a time, set up a call and then find out who is the ultimate Porsche enthusiast!

1.    What is the name of the cartoon Porsche in the Pixar film ‘Cars’?
a)    Sally Carrera 
b)    Julie Cayman
c)    Betty Boxster

2.    What was the launch colour of the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series?
a)    Thunder Silver Metallic
b)    Golden Yellow Metallic
c)    Platinum Grey Metallic

3.    The Porsche Taycan entered the Guinness World Records™ for the longest what in an electric vehicle?
a)    Jump
b)    Reverse
c)    Drift

4.    Which 911 Turbo appeared in the 1994 Bad Boys film?
a)    964
b)    924
c)    944

5.    Where is the Porsche Museum located?
a)    Stuttgart
b)    Zuffenhausen
c)    Berlin

6.    What was the name of the first hybrid electric vehicle built by Ferdinand Porsche in 1899?
a)    356
b)    Super Tractor
c)    Lohne-Porsche

7.    When the first Porsche Cayman’s went on sale, Porsche adopted four Caiman’s at which zoo?
a)    Berlin Zoological Gardens
b)    Stuttgart’s Wilhelma Zoo
c)    Heidelberg Zoo

8.    The Porsche-Diesel Super manufactured by Porsche between 1956 and 1963, was what type of vehicle?
a)    Tractor
b)    Snow Plough
c)    Motorbike

9.    What colour was the one-millionth 911 to roll off the production line?
a)    Scottish Blue
b)    Irish Green
c)    Welsh Red

10.  The Cayenne set a Guinness World Record for towing by pulling what?
a)    A 285-tonne jumbo jet
b)    A Princess yacht
c)    A steam train

11.  Which famous 917 livery is pink and shows cuts of meat on the design?
a)    Super Salmon
b)    Rose Rabbit
c)    Pink Pig

12.  Which British Racing Driver won Le Mans 24 hours in 1982 racing a Rothmans Porsche 956?
a)    Derek Bell
b)    Richard Attwood
c)    Ryan Ratcliffe

13.  Which year was the Porsche Macan unveiled?
a)    2010
b)    2013
c)    2015

14.  Which racing event uses Fanboost, which allows fans to vote for their favourite driver and award them an extra boost of power during the race?
a)    Extreme E
b)    Formula E
c)    FIA World Endurance Championship

15.  Which model is Porsche celebrating the 25 anniversary of in 2021?
a)    Boxster
b)    Cayenne
c)    Panamera


1. a) Sally Carrera
2. b) Golden Yellow Metallic
3. c) Drift
4. a) 964
5. a) Stuttgart
6. c) Lohner-Porsche
7. b) Stuttgart’s Wilhelma Zoo
8. a) Tractor
9. b) Irish Green
10. a) A 285-tonne jumbo jet
11. c) The Pink Pig
12. a) Derek Bell
13. b) 2013
14. b) Formula E
15. a) Boxster

Thank you for taking part in our Porsche quiz. We hope you enjoyed it and got 100% of the questions correct! If you need to swat up on your Porsche knowledge, why not head to our news section to read more about the Porsche brand?