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Calendar 2023

The Daily Thrill: The Porsche Calendar 2023


2023 Calendar

A new year is upon us, and as we get ready for everything that this year has in store, we have a special item from Porsche Lifestyle to showcase.

The Porsche Calendar 2023 is dedicated to the ‘Daily Thrill’ - A vehicle, a legend, a myth, an attitude to life – the 911. The 911 is the ultimate sports car, a classic in its concentrated, pure form. This year’s new Porsche calendar shows the versatility of the car with the legendary curves: Whether as a coupé, cabriolet, Targa, Carrera, Turbo or GT3; whether as a road vehicle or on the race track — this calendar captures the diversity and variety of the iconic 911 over six decades and eight generations, fulfilling the dreams of numerous sports car enthusiasts since 1963. Look forward to outstanding, world-famous 911 models in pin-sharp, high-quality motifs that show the 911 as a companion in every situation and conveys the emotions, uniqueness, and passion of the 911 in full. For more adventure and racetrack feeling in every situation, every day of the year.

Dimensions: 55.5 cm x 59 cm x 22 cm

Material: 99 % paper, 1 % metal

Item number: WAP0920020PVPK

Price: £43.00 RRP incl. VAT

Please contact our team on  0117 321 6785  or via email on  info@porschebristol.co.uk  for more information on the Porsche Calendar 2023 or any of the Porsche Driver’s Selection range.