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Why should you choose Porsche Approved Pre-Owned?


Why should you choose Porsche Approved Pre-Owned?

Whether you are looking to buy your first Porsche or have owned a Porsche before it is often difficult deciding on which Porsche Approved Pre-Owned car is right for you. With a number of used Porsches in circulation across Great Britain, it can be difficult to determine which sellers can be trusted to deliver that true Porsche feel, performance and quality. 

In order for a Porsche to be certified ‘Approved Pre-Owned’ by an official Porsche Centre, the vehicle must go through a rigorous approval process. In this article we will explore the highlights of what makes a Porsche Approved Used car the benchmark for all pre-owned Porsche vehicles.

The 111-Point quality check

All Porsche Approved Pre-Owned cars go through a rigorous functionality check to assert the overall condition of the car. Paintwork is examined for any exterior damage and all interior infotainment functions are safety and quality tested. Where necessary, brake, clutch, engine and coolant fluid levels are topped up to ensure proper working order. The drive system and undercarriage undergo critical safety testing, and all crucial engine components are tested to provide smooth engine running. All vehicle documentation is seen to, ensuring the Warranty & Maintenance booklet is of acceptable quality for the next owner. 

They’re like a new car, only used

You can be assured with the 111 point check that all certified Porsche Approved Pre-Owned cars will be presented to their new owners in optimal condition. Maximum attention to detail is taken by the technicians and preparation staff when preparing both the interior and exterior of the cars to ascertain customer’s are just as delighted with their Pre-Owned Porsche as they would be with a new one. 

The Porsche Approved Warranty

All certified Porsche Pre-Owned cars come with a minimum 24 months of Porsche Approved Warranty. The Porsche Approved Warranty provides you with the necessary assurance to cover you if anything goes wrong within the first two years of purchase, and is a great way to add value to your Porsche should you wish to move on to a different model. The Porsche Approved Warranty is easy to set up, applicable across the globe, and ensures you have no excess to pay upon unlimited mileage during the warranty period. 

Genuine Porsche Parts, genuine Porsche Quality

We never like to see any of our cars become faulty. However, if the worst should happen, you will be pleased to know that any repairs made by Porsche Technicians are made with Genuine Porsche Parts. With the Porsche Approved Warranty, any damages or breakdowns that occur which are not caused by wearing or ageing, have their components and repair costs covered, helping protect you from any unexpected repair costs to your Porsche. 

Trust in our Porsche Experts 

Trust plays a big role when purchasing a certified Approved Pre-Owned Porsche. We want customers to trust us that we have supplied them with the car of their dreams with no hidden costs or problems. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service with transparent communication between parties. We love helping our customers decide which Approved Pre-Owned Porsche is right for them. Contact our team on 01173 216 785 to find your next Porsche.

Discover a vast range of Porsche models 

Porsche Approved Pre-Owned not only covers traditional petrol and diesel options, but electric and hybrid models too. As Porsche continues to develop and expand their electric model options, they have proceeded to update and adapt their 111-point check to focus more thoroughly on high-voltage battery health on electric cars.

Porsche Peace of Mind

With the knowledge that your certified Approved Pre-Owned Porsche has undergone rigorous checks and quality preparation, you can have the peace of mind that Porsche has you covered whatever the scenario. That means you can focus on doing what your Porsche was designed to do: giving you the ultimate driving experience. 

To find your next Porsche, browse our up-to-date stock today and discover the perfect Porsche Approved Pre-Owned car for you.