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Winter essentials for your Porsche


Winter essentials for your Porsche

The winter months are finally upon us, and now is the time for you to prepare your Porsche for the challenging elements that this season brings. 

Rain, hail or shine, this collection of Porsche Tequipment accessories is guaranteed to make your life easier when tackling the difficult road conditions the colder months often bring. 

Porsche Approved Winter Wheels

In order to get the maximum out of your Porsche this winter, you should not overlook the importance of fitting your Porsche with winter tyres. But what makes Porsche winter wheels the perfect accessory for the colder months? 

Porsche winter tyres have been designed for maximum safety and performance when road conditions worsen due to ice, rain and snow. Specialised material composition ensures that winter tyres do not harden at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius. This unique  formula combined with a rugged, bulkier design creates an increased surface area for the tyre when in contact with the road. Providing improved traction compared to that of a typical summer tyre set. As a result, you can expect improved braking distance performance in both rain and ice conditions. 

Each Porsche model has its own bespoke set of winter wheels to choose from, continuing Porsche’s desire to strive for creativity and personalisation in all departments. So, from your Porsche 911 to your Cayenne, you have got all of your options covered.  

Our dedicated Porsche centres can also store your Summer tyres for you over the winter months, saving you the hassle of storing them yourself. 

Ice scraper with telescopic arm 

Defrosting the car on those early mornings can be a chilly task, but the Porsche ice scraper with a telescopic arm is made from cold-resistant polycarbonate, ensuring it remains intact during freezing temperatures. Rubber edging at both ends ensures that any ice is removed from your windscreen with no damage. The telescopic feature makes it easy to reach all of those tricky areas on your Porsche. 

The Porsche winter care kit

It would not be a winter essentials list without a Porsche winter care kit. This beautiful waterproof bag comes packed with everything that you and your Porsche might need this season. Complete with an ice scraper, microfibre cleaning cloth, window cleaner, interior glass cleaner and two bottles of window cleaner concentrate. The pack also comes with practical inner compartments, allowing you to include your own added extras suited to your driving and travel needs.

With the likelihood of rain, sleet and snow ever increasing, your footwear can often become damaged or dirty from the elements. You do not want to spoil the carpets inside your Porsche, so why not fit a set of beautiful all-weather mats to your pride and joy? These mats are non-slip and waterproof to protect the carpets below. With a raised perimeter, they trap any dirt, mud or water from getting into any unwanted areas keeping mess to a minimum.

Front and rear Luggage compartment liners

As the days become darker earlier and the weather begins to worsen, loading your Porsche with luggage can sometimes mean the inside of your car gets wet or dirty. However, with Porsche’s waterproof and washable luggage compartment liners, this is no longer the case. No matter what model of Porsche you own, you can fit yours with luggage compartment liners that custom fit the front and rear of your car and protect the interior from the elements. 

Prepare for Christmas with Porsche

Get ahead of the Christmas rush and get the Porsche enthusiast in your life a festive gift to remember. Choose from a wide variety of Christmas gifts from Porsche. With present ideas for all ages, we have you covered this festive season. From T-shirts to espresso cups, our winter gift selection is extensive. 

If you are looking to get prepared for the Winter ahead and are interested in any of our recommended items, then speak to our friendly team today on  01173 216 772 or by email at  info@porschebristol.co.uk .