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Porsche Classic Parts

For 75 years, the Porsche brand has been seen as the symbol of performance sports cars. As a result, many Porsche enthusiasts are passionate about maintaining and restoring their Porsche Classic, to allow them to keep enjoying them as designed. And with over 70% of Porsches ever sold still on the road today, there is a wide range of models and variants that need the correct Porsche approved classic parts to keep them in perfect condition. Here we outline some of our favourite Porsche classic parts, and how best to use them. Whether you own a classic model or simply have an interest in the legacy Porsche has in the world of motoring, it is always important to know how to look after the classic Porsches in our lives.

Car Cover 

For some Porsche Classic owners, taking their car out on the road is a truly special occasion. Not only do Porsche certified Car Covers protect your car in your garage from any light scrapes and scratches, but it also makes your drive even more delightful when you pull the cover off to reveal your pride and joy. Porsche Classic Car Covers come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit your Classic Porsche.

Classic Gloves 

The Porsche Classic assembly gloves boast typical Porsche Classic design features to make for a practical yet stylish accessory that can be used when repairing, maintaining or cleaning your Porsche. With key areas reinforced with high-quality material, you can expect reliable grip and strength when completing heavy duty tasks. Despite the ‘Classic’ nametag, the back edge of the hand features modern technology; a magnet that can be used to fix screws and other mechanical fastenings. With the Porsche logo featured throughout the design, these gloves are unmistakably Porsche. As a bonus, these gloves can be certified as personal protective equipment (PPE) against mechanical risks*.

*In accordance with DIN EN 388 (2 1 1 1 X)

Hand Lamp

This Porsche Classic hand lamp is a stunning blend of classic design and modern technology. Based on an original hand lamp from the Porsche 356 accessories catalogue in 1963, it features LED lights with two lighting modes and battery operation. The hand lamp also boasts a rubber-coated magnet for secure attachment to a vehicle whilst you work, while the leather case is embossed with the Porsche Crest and designed to resemble the seat of the Porsche 356. The result is a visually striking hand lamp that seamlessly merges timeless design with modern functionality. This Hand Lamp is suitable for all Porsche Classic models.

Porsche classic charger

The Porsche Classic charger is every Porsche Classic owner’s get out of jail free card. As a high-quality battery designed specifically for Classic Porsche models, the charger delivers strong and reliable charging current to your Porsche’s battery. With the classic charger, your Porsche will always be ready to go when required. The charger also has unique technologies that help preserve battery life and prevent overcharging, as well as automatically detect when the operating voltage changes from 6 Volts to 12 Volts. Compatible with a wide range of classic Porsche models, the Porsche Classic Charger is easy to use and lightweight, making it easy to store and transport on your journeys. With a battery terminal complete with an LED that illuminates green, you get better visibility when working in darker light conditions. Whether you are looking to maintain your Classic Porsche’s battery or you require a reliable charger for your current Porsche’s electrical system, the Porsche Classic Charger is the ideal choice.

Classic Motor Oil

Porsche Classic Motor Oil is essential for your Classic Porsche. It's specially designed to meet the unique requirements of older Porsche engines and provides unrivalled performance for reliable joy. Made with a high-quality base oil and a balanced additive package, this classic motor oil minimizes wear on critical engine components, reduces corrosion, and build-up of deposits. Porsche Classic engine oils were developed in collaboration with engineers at the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, keeping the needs of Classic Porsche engines at the forefront. With a high viscosity index, this oil offers premium protection, even in extreme conditions. Available in different viscosities, it comes in an easy-to-pour container for easy-to-use, mess-free pouring.

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