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Last-Minute Holiday Tequipment: Cayennes Top Picks


If you are planning on taking your Cayenne on a last-minute holiday, then look no further as Porsche have a spectacular range of accessories to help you enjoy your trip that little bit more. From luggage compartments for your furry best friends, to bike racks which allow you to take your love for the open roads with you.


Luggage Compartment Box for Dogs

We have a luggage compartment box so your dog can travel in style. Available in two sizes, this inflatable compartment makes it possible to take your dogs on holiday, without the hassle you may be accustomed to. The box supplies belts and can be fixed securely so that your dogs will enjoy a safe ride in your Cayenne, just as much as you.

It is particularly practical to handle due to the lightweight nature of it and it can be inflated in a matter of seconds, with the cushions inside acting as airbags for the dog. The larger box can fit a dog who weighs up to 40kg, while the smaller box can fit a dog weighing up to 18kg. Thankfully, it all comes with a repair set just in case your dogs bad habits decide to take over.

Luggage Compartment Box (Up to 18kg) - £760.00 including VAT.

Luggage Compartment Box (Up to 40kg) - £815.00 including VAT.

Rear Mounted Bike Rack

If you love cycling on your holidays, then this one is for you. The rear mounted bike rack can be quickly mounted onto a trailer hitch without any tools, enabling absolutely anyone to be able to do it. It is suitable for carbon frame bicycles if you have the carbon frame protection, so there is no need to worry about the rack damaging one of your prized possessions.

The frame holder has a torque limiting function, which ensures optimal support for the bike while making mounting a better experience. This is suitable for bicycles that weigh up to 17.9kg with a max tyre width of 4.7’’, so whether you are road cycling or mountain biking, Porsche has you covered.

Available from £893.00 including VAT.

All Weather Floor Mats

We all know holidays can get a bit messy – muddy walks, sandy beaches, and British weather. But why should your Cayenne pay the price for it? The Porsche all-weather floor mats are non-slip and impermeable to water, making sure your Cayenne stays as clean and tidy as when you first bought it.

They come in a smart black colour which is suitable for all models and interior designs of Cayenne.

Available from £130.00 including VAT.

Porsche Dashcam

Holidays are meant to be straightforward, but that is not always the case - perhaps, it could be with the Porsche Dashcam. If any accidents happen to your Cayenne while you are away, then your dashcam will provide potentially money-saving evidence that gives you all the answers you will need.

It comes with audio recording, GPS sensor, bracket for the windscreen for fixed mounting and a lens with polarisation filter to reduce reflections and improve colours.

Recordings can be downloaded directly from the SD card or via the app, from which you can also control the settings – It is easy to use and can be adapted with just a push of a button.

Available from £789.80 including VAT.


For more information on our range of Porsche Tequipment accessories, contact us on info@porschebristol.co.uk  or call  01173 216 785