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What is Porsche Classic?


Symbolising luxury, performance and innovation, the Porsche brand has become synonymous with high quality cars that are designed to be both functional and elegant. Over the years, many of the vehicles produced by Porsche have left their mark in the history books. To this day 70% of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road, this impressive result can be traced in some part to Porsche Classic, a branch of Porsche with a focus on restoration and preservation.

What is Porsche Classic?

First established in 1999 the Porsche Classic division is a section of Porsche AG with the specific purpose of preserving and restoring classic Porsche vehicles. Porsche Classic focuses on providing servicing, genuine parts and accessories, and the knowledge and expertise required to keep classic Porsche cars on the road. Based in Stuttgart Germany but spread across the world Porsche classic is a vital part of the Porsche network.

Special Edition Classic Models

To highlight some of the most iconic cars from Porsche’s history, the classic division occasionally restores prestigious models to showcase what can be done through Porsche classic. these models are built using exclusively original components with the intention of making the cars as close to original as possible. Some of these models include the 356 Speedster, 911 Carrera Targa 3.2 and the 911 Turbo Classic Series.

Originale Magazine

The Originale Magazine was created to keep Porsche enthusiasts informed on everything from the Porsche classic world. The magazine covers everything from restoration tips, stories from other classic owners, showcases of classic Porsche cars and the latest developments in classic parts and accessories. Find out more here.

Classic Accessories

Porsche Classic also offers a vast selection of accessories, all designed to enhance the experience of owning and driving your classic Porsche. Some of the more popular accessories include:

  • PCCM+ (Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus): A modern infotainment system that is compatible with most classic Porsche.
  • Classic Motor Oil: Designed to protect your Classic over the long term, Porsche Classic Motor Oils meet the high-performance standards of Porsche we have come to expect.
  • Classic Care Kit: This cleaning car kit features products designed specifically with your Classic in mind.
  • Fuchs Wheels: These iconic wheels were recently reintroduced by the Porsche Classic team. Originally designed for the Porsche 911 in the 1960s, these wheels are available in a range of sizes and finishes and are designed to a selection of classic Porsche models.

Porsche Classic Newsletter

If you are looking for updates on the latest developments from the classic world, then the Porsche Classic newsletter could be for you. This newsletter includes information on upcoming events, special offers and even new products. So, to make sure you stay up to date, find out more here.

How can you engage with Porsche Classic? Register

You should now know how you can interact with Porsche Classic. Whether you own a classic Porsche or are simply a fan looking to enhance your experience of the brand, Porsche Classic has many ways that you can get involved. For owners, signing up to the Porsche Classic register is the best option, this will provide you with the best Porsche Classic has to offer, including discounts, connections with other classic Porsche owners, event invites and more.

If you are a Porsche owner or you are simply interested in keeping Porsche’s brand history alive, then Porsche Classic is perfect for you. To find out more, or for more information on joining the Porsche Classic Register, contact our team at Porsche Centre Bristol on   01173 216 785  or email  info@porschebristol.co.uk