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A classic Porsche in the workshop

Looking after your classic Porsche

As the owner of a classic Porsche you want the peace of mind that your car is always in the hands of the experts. The Porsche-trained Technicians at Porsche Centre Bristol are highly skilled and experienced in servicing and repairing Porsche models of all ages.

We have invested in specialist workshop equipment to ensure we always have the right tools for any job. If you have any queries about how we can help you look after your classic Porsche please call 0117 900 2911 or email info@porschebristol.co.uk for more information.

In the workshop

Chris Salt's classic 911

A customer's view of our classic offering

Chris Salt, owner of a 1997 911 (993), always brings his car to Porsche Centre Bristol. Being a perfectionist, Chris wanted his car to look exactly as it did the day it originally came out of the showroom.

Porsche Centre Bristol and our Recommended Repairer Dick Lovett Spraymaster replaced all of the light units, the windscreen and tail pipes as well as components such as wishbones, suspension mounts, cam covers, battery and alternator. The paintwork was then buffed and polished to bring the black gloss body back to life and now Chris’ Porsche finally looks as magnificent as it did the day it left the factory.

And, even though he has spent so much time perfecting his car, Chris chooses to drive and enjoy his Porsche rather than keep it in the garage. He uses it regularly and over the last year he has displayed his beloved 911 at classic car shows, such as the Gloucestershire Motor Show and Tewkesbury Classic Car Show.

Our fully restored Porsche 924

Our Classic Restoration Competition 2016 entry

Porsche Centre Bristol restored a Porsche 924 as our entry into this year's '40 years at the front' themed competition. After weeks of searching for the right car, we stumbled across a spoiler-less 924 at an auction house in Poole.

We stripped the entire car ready for Dick Lovett Spraymaster to fully restore the body. Both front wings had to be replaced, and the paint was removed back to the metal. This was then resurfaced and resealed before a full re-spray.

To view a video of the re-spray in action please click here.

This left us at the Centre the job of a complete strip and rebuild of the engine and other components. The entire engine was cleaned and vapour blasted and the block was powder coated to give an ‘as new’ finish. Once fully re-assembled the car was truly back to its factory finish and looked spectacular.


Classic products

Porsche Classic Car Care Kit

The Porsche Classic Car Care Kit

The relationship you have with your Porsche is something very special – and long-term relationships need special care and attention. The 17-piece Porsche Classic Car Care Kit is the best way to do this.

What makes the complete set so impressive is its perfectly matched combination of care products and items suitable for all paint generations and models and designed to look after all exterior surfaces. Each care product has been tested by Porsche in Weissach to ensure they give the optimum results for all Classic Porsche models. Available to buy from Porsche Centre Bristol.

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Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System

The Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System

Traditional on the outside, high-tech on the inside: the classic design radio navigation system is suitable for all classic Porsche models with a DIN-1 opening, including the 911 F-model, to the 911 (993), and for four and eight-cylinder vehicles (except the Porsche 356).

There are interfaces for iPhone®, iPod®, USB and AUX, through which external music sources can be operated via the display and, thanks to Bluetooth®, you can make hands free calls from the car. Best fitted by our Porsche-trained Technicians. Contact us for more details.

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Porsche Classic Motoroil

Porsche Classic Motoroil

The engine is the heart of each and every Porsche, and air-cooled flat engines place particular demands on a lubricant. In short: not just any engine oil is suitable for older flat engines. The development of an engine oil for classic air-cooled flat engines has therefore been like a balancing act between tradition and innovation: as advanced as possible and as traditional as necessary.

In collaboration with the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, the Porsche Classic experts have developed the new engine oil with the specific aim of meeting the demands of the 356 and 911 models (including the 993 model range). Available in two types to meet the needs of different classic Porsche models. Speak to our technical advisors for more information

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Porsche Classic Oil Filter

Porsche Classic Oil Filter

The classic red Porsche oil filter is now available for all Porsche 911 models from 1965-94, all 914-6 models from 1970-71 and all 928 models from 1978-95. Ensure the complete integrity of your classic Porsche by using only this oil filter. Contact Porsche Centre Bristol to discuss your requirements.

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